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Lady Silver is an alternative rock & roll band influenced by British rock, funk and disco.

Influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian and The Strokes, they want to show that rock & roll refuses to die and we can still dance to it.


“We hope our music will make your hips move in the evening, soften the loneliness of the night time, and help with Sunday morning’s hangover. Whatever it is, don’t take us too seriously and just enjoy the music.”

Their debut EP ‘Ladies First’ was released in January 2019, and their full debut album is expected to be recorded later this year.

"Elegant, cinematic ... alluring and sinuous."
"All this in a rock base that is rather scholastic, but enriched with the right melodic taste, refined as well as polite, and garnished by a good instrumental eclecticism"

  - @indieforbunnies -

"If you like disco and funk, Lady Silver is for you! This group wants you no harm, except that you move your hips a bit and get out of your ordinary loneliness."

  - direct-actu.fr

"Lady Silver enters into your music collection with a kind of rock swagger you’d expect from The Struts. It's not everyday you come across a band with such a smooth modern rock sound. Every track you can dig in to the melody and lyrics but still never reach the bottom. ... If you want our advice, buy their music and follow Lady Silver today!"

  - DI Records

"The space where Lady Silver musically moves has those kind of almost spoken lyrics with a deep voice, sharp guitars, fluffy bass lines and post punk drumming grooves."

  - Rock Fueguino