Our Debut EP

Ladies First

‘Ladies First’ is the debut EP by Lady Silver, an alternative rock & roll band, that embraces disco, funk and stoner licks in their music. 

We hope that ‘Ladies First’ will make your hips move in the evening, soften the loneliness of the night time, and help with Sunday morning’s hangover. Whatever it is, don’t take us too seriously and just enjoy the music.


Vocals - Max Spon
Guitars - Daniel Krichevsky and Max Spon
Bass and Keys - Eran Fainman
Drums and Percussion - Ron Avishai
Backing Vocals - Lady Silver

Music - Lady Silver
Lyrics - Max Spon
Produced by Nir Horovitz
Recorded by Rafael Cohen and Nir Horovitz
Recorded at Nir & Ruffa’s Studio, Tel Aviv
Keys Recorded at Shalter Studio, Tel Aviv
Mixing Engineer - Rafael Cohen
Mastering Engineer - Yoram Vazan at Firehouse Studio, Tel Aviv

Artwork by Hadar Avishay